Mammalassery Sreeramaswami Temple

Naalambala Darsanam will commence by offering prayers to Lord Rama at this sacred temple

Enrich with its belief and blessings, Mammalassery Sreerama Swami Temple is one of the oldest temple in Ernakulum Dist, situated in Ramamangalam Grama Panchayat, on the banks of Muvattupuzha river. This temple is maintained by Sreeramaswami Devaswam Samrakshana Samathy, Mammalassery

In etymology, the name " Mammalassery" was originated with an important event from the epic Ramayana. (This is the place where the Rakshasa “Maareechan”, Uncle of king Ravana was killed by Lord Rama). Maricha in the form of a deer (‘Man’ in Malayalam) came near to Seetha devi at their Parnasala in the forest were they went for “Vanavasa”(now named as “Maanaadi”, a paddy field in Mammalassery). Fascinated by the Golden coloured deer, Sitha devi requested Shri Rama to get the deer for her. Rama chased the deer for long time and realized the fact that he is chasing a Rakshasa, the Maraicha, in the form of a deer, was hunted by Lord Rama into pieces. The place where the deer (Man) felled was named as Man-Malachery and later become Mammalassery.

Near to Mammalassery, Memmury and Kizhumury are believed to be the places where upper and lower parts of the deer felled respectively.

Temple opens from 05:30 to 10:00 Hrs and 17:30 to 19:00 hrs in normal days and during Karkidaka month (mid jul to mid Aug), 04:00 to 13:00 Hrs and 16:00 to 20:00 hrs.

How To Reach:

From Ernakulam:-

Thrippunithura -- Thiruvankulam -- Choondi -- Ramamangalam -- Mammalassery

From Ernakulam:-

Thrippunithura -- Mulanthuruthy -- Piravom -- Mammalassery

From Perumpavoor:-

Pattimattom -- Choondi -- Ramamangalam -- Mammalassery

From Kothamangalam:-

Muvattupuzha -- Pampakkuda -- Anchelpetty -- Mammalassery


  • Swarna Gopi Samarppanam
  • Ambum Villum Samarppanam
  • Gada Samarppanam (Hanuman)
  • Paalpaayasam
  • Koottupaayasam
  • Aval Nivedyam
  • Nelpara (Sreeramaswami)
  • Kunnikkuru Para (Hanuman)
  • Karikkabhishekam

Contact Number:

P P Sureshkumar -  9605366121

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