Nedungaattu Sri Shatrugnaswami Temple

This is the fourth temple to visit for Naalambala Darshanam.

Lords Bharatha and Satrugna went to the forest in search of Lord Rama after Rama Left Ayodya for Vanavaasa, where they got separated and lost their way, Lord Shatrugna was trapped in a deep forest. The people lived in the forest called him as “Nedum Kaattu Thever” and later becomes ‘Nedungaattu Thevar’. The old temple was shifted to another venue in Mammalassery by the owner of the temple, (Nakarakkattu Mana, Mammalassery) due to constrains on maintaining in order. The mis fortune and troubles started with the area and peoples staying nearby. Peoples were tensed and quarreled for no reasons. Devaprsnam was conducted for finding a solution and found that the deva Chaithanyam was not shifted with the idol. The Shatrugna swami temple was re constructed in the same place with same materials and is on the process of completion. The temple is owned and maintained by Sri Shatrugnaswami Kshethra samrakshana Trust Mammalasssery and about 7.5 Kms from Sri Lashmanaswami Temple, Mulakkulam

The Pilgrims shall proceed to Mammalassery Sreeramaswami Temple (1.5 Kms from Sri Shatrugnaswami Temple) for completing the holy pilgrimage.

Temple opens on all Thirvonam Nakshatram every month and during Karkidaka month, 06:30 to 13:00 Hrs and 17:00 to 20:00 hrs.


  • Chakra Samarpanam (Offering of Chakra, made with Coconut leaves for Prosperity and happiness in the home)
  • Paalpaayasam
  • Nei-Vilakku
  • Paalabhishekam
  • Karikkabhishekam

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