Mulakkulam Sri Lakshmana Swami Temple

This is the third temple to visit for Naalambala Darshanam.

The idol in this temple is believed to be the Shiveli Bimbam brought from Thirumoozhikkulam Temple, Moozhikkulam. The shiveli bimbam was brought in the house of Karimalakottu Moosathu, a hardcore believer of Lord Lakshmana from the top of an elephant after a procession (Irakki Ezhunnallippu). The present Lakshmanaswami Temple is constructed near to this place as per Deva Prasnam.

This Temple is maintained by Travancore Devaswam Board (Vaikom group) and about 12 Kms from Bharathaswami temple, Memmury.

Temple opens as per Devaswam Board Timings in normal days.

Vazhipaadukal :

  • Paalpaayasam
  • Nei-Vilakku
  • Kadalippazha-Nivedyam
  • Koottupaayasam

Contact Number:

 P R Lakshamanan - 9847117216

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